About me

Born in Glasgow, I ran professionally for three years. Six mornings a week before school I sprinted in all weathers non-stop for two hours for cash money, carrying bottles of milk up flights of stairs. (I’ve avoided sports ever since.)
I might have been the first kid in Househillwood, Glasgow to get to university, or even the first to get an O Level.
I have been incredibly fortunate in my life.
I’ve identifed as a socialist since about sixteen, a confused revolutionary sort shortly after, active since then. Currently the homeless sort (needing a political home, not a roof over my head like so many others).
Been active in Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign since 2000. With others, saw off sinister politically-driven charges of ‘racism’ in 2010 (Edinburgh) and 2017 (Glasgow), assaultĀ  2016 (Kilmarnock).
Some days cautiously optimistic about humanity emerging from this grim, murderous stage of human social evolution (capitalism); other days wonder if my grandchildren will cling to a devastated planet with regular 200mph winds.