Balfour Declaration and Zionist silence during massacres of Jews

The UK Government issued the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917, within a few days of the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The Russian Civil War ensued with foreign intervention on the side of the White Armies opposed to the Red Army that supported Soviet Power. One of the invading armies was a British Expeditionary Force sent by Churchill, who was determined, he said, that Bolshevism be “strangled in its cradle”. The British commanded a joint British-French-US force of 14,000 men who came to the aid of the White Armies under General Kornilov and later General Denikin.

The Civil War was brutal, pitting Red Terror by Bolshevik revolutionaries against the counter-revolutionary White Terror, the latter estimated to have killed about 300,000 people in total, including a disproportionately high number of Jews.

The White armies maintained the visceral  anti-semitic traditions of the pre-1917 Tsarist authorities. One of many anti-semitic proclamations by Denikin’s generals incited people to “arm themselves” in order to extirpate “the evil force which lives in the hearts of Jew-communists.”

In the small town of Fastov alone, Denikin’s Volunteer Army murdered over 1,500 Jews, mostly the elderly, women, and children. An estimated 100,000 to 150,000 Jews in Ukraine and southern Russia were killed in pogroms perpetrated by Denikin’s forces and Petlyura’s nationalist-separatists. A Red Army local victory was seen everywhere as an end to the massacre of Jews by their White executioners. The History of Jewish Communities in the Ukraine relates of the shtetl of Justingrad/Sokolievska

…a bandit troop of 150 invaded the shtetl, demanded the people give up their clothing and boots to the bandits and pay a ransom of half a million roubles. This time the shtetl was saved by the courage of two men who slipped away and rode to Monastrishtsh where they made contact with the government forces (Bolshevik) camped there. When the bandits were making ready to let loose their terror of the shtetl they were surprised by the arrival of a force of regular soldiers headed by a Jewish commander.

The Bolshevik forces were not always able to save the Jews from the British Government’s allies, who carried out numerous pogroms even in this one small town. The same history relates how  later:

The Denikin forces were defeated. On their retreat from Byelo–Tserkov they again passed through Justingrad. Again they began with burning homes, and this time they ended killing some two hundred. In the severe frost, the Denikin forces seized Jews, dragged them to the ice of the frozen river, stripped them naked where they froze to death.

The World Zionist Organisation under Herzl was tied to the British forces aiding the White forces busy massacring Jews. However much they might resent the slaughter of tens of thousands of Jews, the WZO leaders kept quiet so as not to anger their British patrons.

According to Lenni Brenner in his Zionism in the Age of the Dictators:

The WZO’s leaders understood that the British government saw the crushing of the Bolsheviks as its top priority, and that they had to be on their best behaviour…

Zionist leaders were always ready to sacrifice Jews when their safety conflicted with building alliances to further the interests of their State, or their state-building project before 1948. The anniversary of the Balfour Declaration should stimulate a wider study and acknowledgement of the numerous historical situations where this cruel calculus is unchallengeable.

To take one example, the Argentinian Junta killed and ‘disappeared’ tens of thousands of citizens suspected of leftist sympathies. According to a study by IJAN (International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network), Jews made up only 2% of Argentina’s population, but possibly 15% of the people who were arrested, tortured and disappeared during the Junta were Jewish.

Journalist Penny Lernoux:

…while Jewish newspaper publisher [and human rights advocate] Jacobo Timerman was being tortured by the Argentine military in cells painted with swastikas, three Israeli generals, including the former armed forces chief of staff, were visiting Buenos Aires on a ‘friendly mission’ to sell arms.

(Israel trained and equipped many other South American murderous militaries and paramilitaries.)

Israel did not challenge Argentinian state terrorism but established a program called “the Option,” allowing Jews to flee to Israel. It used, rather than confronted, the regime’s anti-semitism to facilitate Jewish emigration to Israel.

According to John Brown, (original in Hebrew here) the Argentine Junta leader

reserved special treatment for Jews, and among those kidnapped there were approximately 1,300 Jews, significantly higher than their share of the population. They also received special treatment in terms of torture. There is a slight irony that this anti-semitic ruler secured the fervent cooperation of the Israeli government.

In late 1977 the Ambassador to Buenos Aires [Ram] Nirgad declared that “since the military junta came to power there has been an improvement in the relations between Israel and Argentina”. Following the US arms embargo, 30 per cent Israeli arms exports in those days went to Argentina, to the tune of $2 billion. In June 1981 there were 118 Argentine  officers in Israel. A letter sent by the Israeli Embassy said that there is “no country in the world in which so many Argentine officers were staying simultaneously for the purposes of weapons procurement, training, etc.’

Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people are well-known. What needs to be better understood is the long history of collusion between the Zionist leadership and anti-semites, including Arthur Balfour, and the Argentine Generals who had dissidents thrown out of helicopters over the South Atlantic, who killed pregnant dissidents shortly after they gave birth and handed the babies over to childless military families. The Zionist leaders at the time of the Balfour Declaration were willing to thrown Russian Jews under the bus of the White Terror to keep their British patrons on board the project for a ‘Jewish State’ in Palestine. They will do so again when ‘cruel Zionism’ deems it necessary.

Mick Napier
West Calder
29 October 2017

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  1. excellent article on when Zionism allied with anti-Semitic and anti-communist forces in Russia. Omits one or two salient facts like Jabotinsky of the Zionist Executive and later leader of the Revisionists had a formal alliance with Petlyura, who led the White Russian forces in Ukraine

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